Lingke 03 + tail slightly upgraded official preview released

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lingke tail slightly upgraded official

In the near future , Xuche review learned from relevant channels , New collar 03+ Preview of , Will be in 8 It made its debut at the Chengdu Auto Show opened in June . The front face of the new car adopts a layered front grille , The upper air intake grille is combined with a pair of blackened headlights , Split headlamp unit , Slender day light , The lower part of the vertical lower grille and the front surround , Painted in blue , Two color body on the side , The black roof creates a suspended visual effect , The handle 、 The exterior rearview mirror is blackened , The tail is an exaggerated tail , High performance large tail design , stay C Exclusive logo on the column , Their identity , The rear of the car adopts a more radical sports style , The big tail is very racing , Carbon fiber rear spoiler , The new car adopts forged rims , Four piston caliper , The new car adopts the exhaust layout of two sides and four outlets .

The new car is expected to be equipped with a large LCD central control screen 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 Multi-function steering wheel , The new car is expected to be equipped with remote valet parking system : Automatically pass through the gate 、 Automatically find parking space 、 Automatic parking , No user monitoring is required in the whole process , The new car is expected to be equipped with the world's first electric drive high-frequency pulse heating technology : stay -30℃ It can also be realized in extremely cold environment 5 Minutes heating 20℃, Effectively improve the low-temperature driving performance of trams , Cooperate with waste heat recovery technology , Range increased 40-70km, Solve the anxiety of tram use in winter .

The new car is expected to carry 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 195 kw , matching 8 Speed automatic transmission , Four wheel drive system is adopted ,0-100 km / Hour acceleration 5.9 second .

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