Where is the rich American automobile culture embodied

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rich american automobile culture embodied

Every country has a unique automobile culture , But if we talk about the country with the richest automobile culture , I can't help but mention the United States , Because the United States has a developed transportation network , Public transport is underdeveloped , In this case , Cars have naturally become the most popular means of transportation , As early as 20 Actual 1950s and 1960s , The United States has reached a goal of one car for every two people “ achievement ”, In this context , It is also a matter of course to create a strong automobile culture .

If you talk about American cars , Probably most people's reaction is that the body is tall , powerful , Rugged appearance , With Take the Ford Explorer as an example , It's a typical American car , The length, width and height are respectively 5075/2004/1778mm, The wheelbase is 3025mm, Tall body , With simple domineering 、 The appearance design that highlights the tough temperament , Create a unique style , Of course , The strong performance to deal with a variety of road conditions is also one of the characteristics of explorers .

The second representative is pickup , Pickup truck is an important part of the automobile market , It can not only provide a comfortable riding environment like a car , There is also a loading capacity comparable to that of trucks , Strong power can also cope with a variety of complex road conditions . Pickup trucks in the last century 20 It first appeared in the United States in the s , Loved by American farmers , And become one of the most common means of transportation in the United States , Among them, we should be familiar with Ford F-150, It has strong loading capacity and luxurious interior design , The large displacement naturally aspirated engine also provides full power , Can cope with a variety of road conditions . It's just that pickup trucks are restricted in many places in China , So this car is not very common . Pickup represents three spirits : struggle 、 Life and Transcendence .

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