The worst luxury car in China! 31 If the road dropped to 236800 and entered China twice, the sales volume is still dismal

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worst luxury car china road

Luxury car field ,BBA Our market recognition is really outstanding , And the German system BBA The reason why we can have such high market recognition in the high-end market , The most important thing is that the performance of their models in terms of quality and grade has never disappointed many luxury car lovers in China , But for those economies that are not well off , For motorists who pay more attention to cost performance , Second tier brands such as Lincoln and Jaguar may be the better choice . Today, I'd like to introduce to you a pure imported luxury car, which failed to enter China twice , The worst luxury car in China , It's Lincoln MKZ2

aesthetic , The whole thing looks , It's family style , The design of the front face , Compared with other models , This model is generally made in the sense of horizontal visual extension , But the air intake grille is still very atmospheric , Family style , Highly recognizable , Plus sharp headlights , It still has a certain visual impact , The body side , For the use of lines , Still very good , It seems that the whole vehicle is quite slender , Lincoln MKZ The design is not particularly amazing , But it looks better .

The body size is 4925×1864×1477mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm, Space performance is like BMW 3 It's Audi A4L Comparison words , Still very competitive , Well done at this point .

interiors , In terms of luxury , You can see Lincoln —MKZ A lot of effort , Most of the places that can be touched in the car are made of soft materials , Elegant center console , The button is very practical . Large area leather with exquisite stitches , The interior has improved a lot , It looks exquisite , Meet the standards of luxury cars , The design style still follows Lincoln's consistent line , Don't look at the... On the steering wheel logo, You can also know that this is a Lincoln .

In terms of kinetic energy , It's using 2.0T Of L4 engine , matching 6AT, You can achieve 203 horse , The acceleration process is smooth , There is still no problem with the power supply .

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