It is a hybrid system. Crown Lufang will be launched on August 27, providing 5 and 7 seats

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hybrid system. crown lufang launched

today , Xiaobian wants to introduce this new model of FAW Toyota Crown Lu Fang , It will be associated with 8 month 27 Official listing , Previously, it also opened the pre-sale , Let's see .

In terms of appearance, the new car is quite grand overall . The front face adopts a grid air inlet grille , The interior has also been blackened. With the headlamp groups on both sides, the whole has great visual impact , The lower part adopts a large mouth air inlet shape , It brings a strong sense of domineering .

Slightly concave design on the side of the body , Visually, it creates a good light and shadow effect for us , The irregular lines give this car a good sense of movement and layering , The five spoke wheel hub is very dynamic .

The overall shape of the interior is very fashionable and sporty , The three width multifunctional steering wheel is full of atmosphere , The grip is also excellent , The suspended central control screen is full of science and technology , And the new car has 5 Seat and 7 Seat options . motivation , New cars will carry 2.5L Naturally aspirated engine + Hybrid system composed of motor , among , The maximum engine power is 192 horsepower , Maximum torque 238 cattle · rice , The drive system is expected to match E-CVT Stepless gearbox . At the same time, on some models , The car will also be equipped with an electric 4WD system .

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