2022 Sagitar was officially unveiled in the United States, and Gli version is more fighting

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sagitar officially unveiled united states

In recent days, , Volkswagen has officially announced 2022 Style VW Jetta models , That is, our domestic Sagitar . The new car has many changes in power and appearance .

2022 The biggest change of this model is the upgraded EA211 1.5L Self priming engine , It can produce maximum 160 horsepower , and 249Nm Peak torque , More than cash engines 11 horsepower , The torque part remains the same as the old model . The domestic version of Sagitar has 1.2T And 1.4T Two dynamics are available . In terms of power , The new 1.5L Self priming engine data is better .

Soar team GLI It is a high-performance model built by Volkswagen for users , This model has not been introduced into China , Its positioning is similar to that of golf GTI similar .2022 Paragraph soar team GLI What is still used is EA888 The engine , Can produce maximum 231 horsepower , Peak torque 349Nm, And match one 7 Double speed clutch transmission or manual transmission .

In the body part ,2022 Sagitar will provide 7 There are different colors to choose from , Including King red , Antelope white 、 Ruixing blue et al , and GLI Models also have 5 Different colors are available . In form ,2022 Sagitar also has some changes in details . Including front grille LOGO A transverse double chrome plated trim strip is added at the . In addition, the shape of the whole front bumper has also changed , The through design has become younger and more fashionable than the old models .

and GLI The red trim strip is added at the chrome trim strip in the middle of the model , The honeycomb shape of sports style is adopted at the upper air inlet grille and the lower bumper , The left and right sides under the bumper are also painted in red , Looks more fighting .GLI The rear of the new model also adopts the newly designed rear bumper shape and black honeycomb diffuser , The wider double outlet exhaust also makes the sound wave of the vehicle have a more pleasant sound .

2022 The Sagitar sports model will also be cancelled R-Line The ornaments , And more black decorations and GLI Style close , Includes matte front grille 、 Black rearview mirror 、 dingy 17 Inch wheel 、XDS Differential and brand new EA211 The engine . It will be positioned higher than the basic model .

2022 This Sagitar will be all standard 8 Inch full LCD Meter , and GLI The version is equipped with 10 Inch meter . In addition, it is also equipped with Volkswagen's new information and entertainment system , And current mainstream configurations such as mobile phone wireless charging and mobile phone interconnection .GLI This model has its own red UI Design , The overall sports atmosphere is very good .

In the seat section , The standard version uses diamond seats , The sports version has exclusive sports woven seats , In addition, artificial leather and leather are optional , With two tone stitching . and GLI The version adopts the red sewing process , And leather covering . There is front and rear seat heating in the optional section , And front seat ventilation is optional .

For North America , Sagitar is a very niche product , But Volkswagen says , They still won't give up the car market . The sales volume of Sagitar in the United States this year has increased compared with last year 5%, It is the most popular brand in the American market , The model with the second highest customer loyalty , The new model will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year .

Edit comment on : Now 2022 A Volkswagen Sagitar has been officially released , Unfortunately, Chinese consumers can't buy GLI Version of high-performance models , as well as 1.5L Naturally aspirated EA211 Powered models . Volkswagen Sagitar is a very important product in Volkswagen brand , In the Chinese market this year to 7 The cumulative sales volume of the month has reached 14 Thousands of cars , Very much looking forward to the future 1.5L Naturally aspirated EA211 The power of the version is added , as well as GLI Introduction of high performance models .

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