Don't regret buying it! Sling accord! Sharp vs inspire

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don regret buying sling accord

For many people , The car is mainly for riding , therefore , Comfort often becomes the focus of a car , Rich comfort configuration can effectively improve the driving experience . When it comes to configuration, we have to mention Ruiji and INSPIRE These two cars are gone . Come and have a look at them .

models : Ford Ruiji 2020 paragraph EcoBoost 245 4WD Jiaxiang

The guided :20.48 Ten thousand yuan

Sharp edge 2020 paragraph EcoBoost 245 The front face of 4WD Jiaxiang presents a sporty design style , It looks very design , With chrome trim , Show a strong sense of movement .

The rear side , Ruiji seems quite stocky , Through ornaments are used for decoration , The exhaust pipe of the car is designed with double sides and double outlets , With exquisite tail lights , It looks very domineering 、 Calm and steady .

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