There is no discount at the moment. It starts at 133800 yuan. Mingtu's new car has good handling and a sense of pushing back?

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discount moment. moment starts yuan.

A car dealer in Yangjiang recently announced The preferential market of mingtu in the region : At present, there is no discount for mingtu car purchase ,13.38 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of the name map . The front face of the new name picture is integrated SUV Elements , Did not follow the design style of family car . All standard LED Head lamp , But the split design is a little heavy , China Grid adopts inverted trapezoid with sunken chassis cover , Compared with the old models, the visual effect is more exaggerated and sporty . The design of the side of the body is very sharp , The smooth lines create a strong dynamic atmosphere , It looks a bit advanced , Two section waistline fit C The design of the sliding back of the column has a feeling of car running . The rear part , The biggest highlight of the new generation of name map is the adoption of a method similar to “ Yes ” Type through tail lamp group , With duck tail design , While highlighting its elegance , So that it doesn't look too stiff . The interior design is also full ,12.3 Inch center control display +12.3 Inch LCD instrument panel consists of dual screen design , And there's a perfect... In the middle “ Break a corner ”, The whole presents the style of digital cockpit , Make technology full of temperament . And the console of the car is also inclined to the driver's side , Improved handling convenience , Household properties are excellent . motivation , Provide 1.5T The engine +7DCT Dry dual clutch gearbox , as well as 1.8L The engine +CVT Stepless gearbox , There are two types of powertrain , The maximum horsepower is respectively 170Ps and 143Ps, The maximum power is respectively 125kW and 104.8kW, The peak torque is respectively 253N·m and 175.5N·m. configuration , The new car will be equipped with an openable panoramic sunroof 、 Remote start 、 All-liquid crystal instrument 、 Front seat heating 、 Car networking 、OTA Online upgrade 、 Adaptive low and far beam 、 Automatic air conditioning and interior air purification system, etc . At the same time, in terms of security , Parcel merging AIDS will also be added 、 Lane departure warning 、 Active safety functions such as active braking .

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