Black Mini special edition is listed. Why doesn't uncle Che recommend it?

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black mini special edition listed.

I don't know if you will miss the era of using noaki now with a full screen mobile phone in your hand , In those days, Nokia, the only Nokia, could not see the changes in the world , Stubbornly stick to yourself , Finally submerged in the rolling torrent of history . There is a brand in the auto industry that is very special , Its models are like classic Nokia phones , But it is not as complacent as Nokia , But evolve along the development trend of the times , At the moment when the models are bigger and bigger, they still can't be replaced , This brand is MINI.

In the near future ,MINI Its black label MINI The special edition is officially on the market , A total of 12 Product configuration , There are three versions , Five door version , Convertible version and SUV edition , Price range: 25.78~37.18 Ten thousand yuan . The new car carries out a comprehensive blackening treatment for the whole vehicle , And the body color is also limited to midnight gray and 80 degree gray , Next, I will select the three special editions with the lowest price range for detailed analysis , Look at the overall performance of the new car .


The appearance of the new model still maintains the appearance after modification , Compared with the old models , The front face of the new car changes a lot , The outline of the polygonal grid is still , However, the interior adds decoration around the license plate , The outline becomes more complex . The round headlight group still appears above the hood , Internal configuration LED The light source , And with automatic headlights ,LED Daytime running light , Adjustable headlamp height and other functions . Black label MINI The special edition mainly blackens the vehicle completely , In addition to the light group, the front face is black to the end , Like a black knight .

Black label MINI The body data of the special edition three door panel model has not changed , Its length, width and height are respectively 3832(3853)×1727×1451(1450)mm, The wheelbase is 2495mm, Specific data changes are mainly caused by different accessories . The body side of the new model is also all black , The car side has piano black waist line painting and C Custom logo below the column .

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