Audi A6L is far ahead. Sales analysis of medium and large vehicles in July

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audi a6l far ahead. ahead

With the rapid development of China's automobile market , The consumption upgrading of automobile market makes the development of medium and large automobile market more prosperous ,7 In the list of medium and large car sales in January , audi A6L( Parameter picture ) Extremely brilliant performance , Followed by BMW 5 Department and biadihan EV, Let's talk about 7 Sales ranking of medium and large automobile markets in January .

audi A6L

audi A6L with 16198 Sales of cars , made 7 The sales volume champion in the medium and large automobile market in January , As an evergreen tree in China's medium and large automobile market , audi A6L Has a sporty roof line , Neat layered waistline design and avant-garde eye catching double face version appearance , It is similar to the high-definition matrix of sunlight LED Headlights make night like day , The perfect balance between technology and sports , Its excellent product strength reflects its sincerity to Chinese consumers .

BMW 5 system

BMW 5 Compared with Audi A6L, Its presence 7 The sales performance in January will be much worse , With 12013 The sales performance of vehicles ranks second temporarily , But this is also related to the product power of both 、 Cost performance is inseparable , audi A6L With a lower terminal price 、 Better product power , So BMW 5 The failure of the system is also expected .

Byd han EV

Byd han EV It definitely belongs to the light of domestic goods , Before that, no domestic car can get a place in the strong medium and large automobile market , And BYD Han EV With excellent product power 、 Independent and controllable three electricity technology 、 Blade battery and other advantages , Successfully gained a firm foothold in the medium and large automobile market , Worthy of our pride .

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