Great wall opens retro trend / Chengdu Auto Show debut wey new SUV official picture exposure

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great wall opens retro trend

Recently, domestic independent brands have set off a wave of retro trend , In addition to various retro models of loose brands , Many new cars under the Great Wall Euler brand began to use retro style appearance design , In particular, the antique design style is like a clear stream . In recent days, , We have learned from relevant channels that ,WEY New Retro SUV Will be in 8 month 27 Chengdu auto show appeared on the th , Model code V72, Officially, it's called “ A new generation of intelligent retro trendy driving ”. The appearance of the new car adopts a very retro design style , With Chrysler PT Ramblers have the same thing , It is expected that it may be built based on Mocha platform .

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