How much do you know about the pricing of new Cadillac lyriq

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know pricing new cadillac lyriq

A new car

Look at things before shopping ;

Shopping depends on the price ;

Which category do you belong to ?


During this year's Shanghai Auto Show , Based on general motors Ultium Cadillac intelligent pure electric concept car built on the platform LYRIQ First global public appearance , Then a high voice of mass production was formed in the market .

after , With the mass production version LYRIQ The road test was carried out ahead of schedule , Cadillac announced that users in North America can start from 2021 year 9 Start booking in January , The new car is scheduled to 2022 Delivery began in the first half of the year .

A few days ago about LYRIQ Further news : General Motors announced , Its first mass-produced electric vehicle Cadillac LYRIQ It will be in North America time 2021 year 9 month 18 Open reservation daily .

In the previously published information , American region LYRIQ Starting price of $58,795.

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