Once the refitted parts are out, I3 you can be in high spirits

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refitted parts i3 high spirits

A more sporty i3?

Yeah , BMW has already done this .i3S Last year, the power has been pulled to 182 horsepower ,0-100km/h The acceleration time is reduced to 7s following . It has also been modified by reducing the height of the car and widening the car body , Make the control more concise . But for some people, that's not enough , It's not hanging M In the case of prefix ,AC Schnitzer Decided to inject some... Into the car “ Energy drinks ”, Make it more spiritual , And more confident than ever .

More power ?

did not .

in fact , They don't think i3S Running out of steam . Due to the relatively light body weight and thin wheels , You have something like a Carnival ST The driving force is also sloppy . After all, this is an electric car , The electric drive system is relatively single , It's enough to break a hundred in almost time , Besides, the country is full of speed limit probes . So you don't need any extra acceleration , Just control it, right ?

AC They didn't even widen the wheel size ,i3S Funny 20 The inch rim is still wrapped in environmentally friendly Bridgestone tires . What they do is improve the attitude of the vehicle , Reduce 10mm( Compared to common i320mm), And the inclination angle is properly adjusted .

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