143 thousand and 700 yuan from the pre-sale price so awesome, how many surprises Versailles C5 X waiting for you?

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thousand yuan pre-sale pre sale

What is the most important equipment for Star Photography ? The camera you first thought of 、 The lens 、 Telescopes and so on, these may not be , The correct answer is car . In order to stay away from the city “ Light damage ”, In order to get the best composition , In order to capture the most beautiful angle of the Milky way , Star Photography often requires a long journey , Sleeping in the wilderness , Therefore, a competent car has become an indispensable and important companion .

The annual Perseid meteor shower is an excellent opportunity for many astronomers to watch the maximum value of meteor shower in summer , This year's Perseid meteor shower coincides with the romantic Tanabata , We are with Dongfeng Citroen, who also has a romantic gene , Set foot on “ Star by star journey , Yiqi looks at China ” The journey , Chase the brilliant track of Perseid meteor shower together .

chase “ star ”, Give play to the physical advantages of Tianyi

Shooting stars has never been a simple thing , Photographers usually have to prepare for a few days , Carefully survey the surrounding environment , Not only the journey distance is long, but also the driving cycle is long , Yes 2021 The comprehensive strength of Tianyi is also an all-round test .

2021 Tianyi includes 360THP and 400THP The two kinds of power share 7 models , All series with Aisin 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , Especially the new 400THP Enjoyable , The official guidance price is only 19.27 Ten thousand yuan , This means less than 200000 can enjoy 1.8T The powerful power of the engine .

2021 The elegant driving quality is also commendable , Lightweight steering provides a compact grade SUV First class accurate pointing in ,PHC Adaptive hydraulic stability technology also brings textured suspension feedback , Take the comfort of the chassis and the feedback of the road feel properly , The profound skills of French cars in chassis and suspension adjustment are revealed .

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