Why does the old driver often say that the tunnel should be left rather than right?

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old driver say tunnel left

A few days, Xiao Bian went out together as an old driver , I passed a tunnel on the highway , Xiaobian found that the old driver kept driving on the left in the tunnel , It makes sense that the speed in the tunnel should not be slower , Shouldn't a slow car go to the right , Xiaobian thought it was just the old driver's personal hobby , So he asked him why he kept left when walking through the tunnel ? The master said , Haven't you heard a word , Take the tunnel to the left, not to the right , Yes, Xiaobian really hasn't heard of this sentence , So he asked the old driver why , So the driver explained to Xiaobian , Come and have a look with Xiaobian. Why old drivers often say that the tunnel should be left or right .

We all know that the light in the tunnel is very dark , And some tunnels have some bends , Driving in the tunnel at will is very dangerous , But there are always times when I have to go , So the experience taught by the old driver to Xiaobian is that if you can drive on the left in the tunnel, don't drive on the right , We usually drive on the right , Why did the boss say so ? It's because of these points .

First of all, the first point is because driving in the tunnel , Generally, large trucks drive on the right , When driving, following the big truck will be blocked by the big truck in front , Create a blind spot , It's easy to have traffic accidents , Moreover, there are great potential safety hazards when driving near large trucks , So the old driver doesn't go on the right side when he goes through the tunnel .

The second reason is because , There may be some accidents on the right side of the tunnel 、 Or a broken down car , Because the tunnel is particularly prone to accidents , In the event of an accident, the car will stop on the right side of the road , And the view in the tunnel is not good , So it's easy to lose sight of cars on the side of the road , Thus an accident , So the old driver likes to walk on the left in the tunnel , Also to reduce accidents .

Another point is that most drivers like to take the right side when driving in the tunnel , So there will be more vehicles on the right , And there is a high probability of accidents in the right lane , That's why experienced old drivers like to walk on the left , And you can't overtake in the tunnel , You don't have to go too fast on the left , It's not prone to accidents .

These are the reasons why the old driver Xiaobian likes to take the left side when he takes the tunnel , Some netizens know the reason and say , When I think of walking in the tunnel before, I always walk on the right , My back is cold , It's so dangerous to walk on the right . Xiaobian wants to tell you , There is a great danger of driving in the tunnel , So whether it's on the right or left , Drive according to the regulations , Use lights correctly , No speeding , Slow down

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