Handsome men also love to test drive FAW Pentium T77 pro

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handsome men love test drive

Nowadays, many young people like the secondary culture very much , however " Secondary yuan " And " automobile " Together, the painting style is a little strange . Recently, our test drive A steam is surging T77 PRO This is the one with " Secondary yuan " Elemental SUV. Old Pentium T77 The whole line is equipped with 1.2T The engine , And the new model of this test drive T77 PRO Upgrade to 1.5T The engine , Performance has also been significantly improved . Sharp edges and corners , It's very stylized

Galloping T77 PRO The angular design is like a handsome man , Hexagonal digital raindrop grille is used in the front face , Look carefully, the grille also has a concave design , It looks very exquisite 、 The atmosphere . In addition, the bright yellow advertising color is also very bright and moving .

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