The appearance is hard-working, the interior is mainly luxurious, and can you rush the tank 500?

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appearance hard-working hard working interior

tanks 500 There's no need to say more about the heat now , Recently, a group of tanks were exposed on the Internet 500 Interior spy photos , You can see that the tank 500 The interior of the car is very advanced , The official claims have broken the gap between business luxury and hard cross-country . Let's look at the details , tanks 500 A lot of advanced materials are used in the whole car , A large area of wood grain decoration runs through the whole instrument panel 、 Door panel and door handle .

As for science and Technology , tanks 500 It doesn't use the popular dual screen design , Instead, it adopts the combination of embedded LCD instrument and suspended central control screen , And at the air conditioning outlet under the central control panel , Also set up a white clock , Further highlight the sense of dignity .

In addition, in the whole center console area , There are also some wood grain decorations , New three spoke multifunction steering wheel 、 Exquisite yacht stopper 、 The metal knob for switching driving mode is matched with large-area matte chrome plating and piano paint baking buttons , The luxury of the whole car really doesn't have to be said .

Combine tanks 500 The appearance of the , Although it continues the tough design of the tank brand , But the appearance is completely reversed , A raised bonnet 、 Three thick chrome plated banners in the grille 、 The rugged front bumper design and the spare tire attached to the car , Let the tank 500 The first impression is a tough guy car .

According to the latest information , tanks 500 The length, width and height are respectively 5070/1934/1905mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm, In addition, there is a considerable gap between the wheel arch and the tire , The effect of high ground clearance makes the tank 500 From the side, it can still give people a quite shocking visual feeling . In terms of power, the tank 500 Among the top priorities , Equipped with the latest self-developed by the Great Wall 3.0T turbo V6 Engine and 48V Micro mixing system composed of motor , The maximum power of the engine 354 horsepower , Maximum torque 500 cattle · rice , It is said to match the vertical structure of the latest self-developed by the Great Wall 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

tanks 500 The arrival of the , Let our own brands in large and medium-sized enterprises SUV There is another masterpiece in the market segment , We can even explore the premium range of luxury brand large displacement vehicles , For consumers who like large displacement, it is really a Gospel .

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