Which territory will Harvard's beast rule?

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territory harvard beast rule

In traditional Chinese mythology , There is a green dragon that we are relatively familiar with 、 white tiger 、 rosefinch 、 The mysterious beasts of the four sides , Also have 《 And seas 》 Gluttonous 、 chaos 、 Baize 、 Taowu 、 Meng Ji 、 Dijiang 、 Zhong Shanshen and many other monsters , It also reminds people of many divine animal characters in the game . Such a name , No one expected to appear on Harvard's new car .

From Harvard, who first appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show XY Up to now, the concept car has been mass produced , Can give it “ Mythical Animals ” The name , Nature means this car is unusual , And it's true . If we have been familiar with the naming style of Harvard, including the Great Wall group , It's amazing to get close to this car . Why is it called 、 What does the name mean to this car 、 What is its value to Harvard ? This series of questions are believed to be questions that may appear in the hearts of consumers .

The beast is to Harvard

“ New technology flagship ”, This is Harvard's positioning of the divine beast , Moreover, it can be seen that Harvard intends to innovate, break through and even slightly radical product ideas .

It's no surprise , Because the name contains a “ god ” word . Since it is God , That's different from the general public , There must be a lot of excellence in yourself , So the positioning is very high , It's technology “ The flagship ”. Harvard officials are also right “ god ” Gives meaning to curiosity and imagination , Shoulder the brand upward 、 Quality up 、 Chaozhi's upward task . and “ The beast ”, In fact, it's a word we didn't think of , After all, it is more or less frightening . For this word , And “ god ” relative , The meaning given by Harvard is action and creativity , Together, it forms the connotation of the car's name .

As for why we chose the word "divine beast" in the first place , Harvard's own explanation , It originated from a childhood heroic dream , With the development of Chinese culture , I hope to show my invincible strength and determination in my dream through divine beasts . The bread here contains some longing and longing , That's what Harvard looks forward to in the future , Show its foresight through scientific and technological attributes , So it's new “ Technology ” The flagship .

therefore , The beast for Harvard , It is aimed at young users 、 High end products focusing on scientific and technological intelligence , In official terms, it is to meet the younger consumers 、 Individualization 、 compact 、 Intelligent vehicle demand , The size is still compact SUV. obviously , This will be the benchmark product of Harvard brand in a certain period of time in the future , Integrating all kinds of latest technologies in Dacheng , Must also have high hopes for the divine beast .

The beast is to us

So about the capital of the flagship model , First of all, it highly restores the design of the concept car , The design is refreshing enough . The long and narrow matrix light strip at the front of the car 、 Large area satellite orbit air inlet grille 、γ Ray style tail lamp shape , Let it be the same as Harvard's previous H system 、F system , Even compared with the new car under the latest naming system this year , Obviously, they have a more sense of design and future . The officially announced concept is innovation “ Super space-time sharp Aesthetics ”, appearance “ Time and space hunting ”、 interior “ Time and space guard ”, Integrate science fiction and romantic imagination into product design .

secondly , Harper beast ( Parameter picture ) By lemon + Coffee is built under intelligent dual platforms , Have a strong technical foundation . With the technical blessing of the Great Wall lemon platform , The Harper beast carried 1.5GDIT High power engine 、2.0T New high efficiency engine , Match the third generation of great wall wet clutch 7 Speed gearbox , In addition to these two traditional powertrain , Also added HEV、PHEV Two hybrid models ; The coffee platform provides 100% All digital intelligent cockpit and multi scene auxiliary driving system , And support the whole vehicle FOTA upgrade . It can be said that the starting point is not low .

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