Haval H6 family adds a new sedan SUV, and Haval h6s turns into "big shark"

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haval h6 family adds new

Unknowingly, Harvard brand has been born for ten years , In the past ten years, it has grown from obscurity to domestic SUV Benchmarking brand , At the upcoming Harvard 10th anniversary brand day , A new car is about to appear , This is the country SUV The champion model in the market H6 New members of the family , The sedan version of Harvard H6S.

As a sedan version SUV, The harvard H6S Our design pays more attention to the movement effect of the design , Officials say the overall design is inspired by sharks , The Harvard Family has recently been named partial zoology , I didn't expect that the design inspiration also went to the animal Department , This “ Shark ” But it's better than competing products “ The dolphins ” more “ Ferocious ”.

The harvard H6S Headlights and H6 similar , But between the headlights , A narrow air inlet similar to that on Audi models is designed , It's just that Audi pays tribute to its classic rally car ,H6S Just to create sports .

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