Yuelang's strongest family car deserves its name! Suteng, please stand aside! Start saving money

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yuelang strongest family car deserves

Many international manufacturers regard joint venture production as a springboard to enter the Chinese market , This is because the joint venture model can occupy a certain position with high cost performance advantage . Yuelang's identity as a joint venture car has always been concerned . Buick yuelang guide price 14.69 Ten thousand yuan , Front drive mode is adopted , The wheelbase 2640mm, Top speed 195.0km/h. Next, let's work with Xiaobian to see if its highlights can attract you .

models : Buick yuelang 2019 paragraph 18T Automatic interconnection flagship countries VI

The guided :14.69 Ten thousand yuan

Yue Lang 2019 paragraph 18T The automatic interconnection flagship front gives a very sporty feeling , The car's large pentagonal grille is supplemented by silver trim , With exquisite headlights , The visual effect is eye-catching .

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