The appearance is atmospheric and high-grade. Lingke 09 is a real car in a variety of colors. It is worthy of being a flagship SUV

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appearance atmospheric high-grade. high grade

As a domestic high-end brand , In the development of recent years , With a very good reputation . Led the g 09 As a flagship of Lingke SUV models , Has always been very concerned . Led the g 09 A variety of colors of real cars appear , The new car will be pre sold at the Chengdu auto show , And officially listed within the year .

Led the g 09 The front face adopts a straight waterfall air inlet grille , It looks very atmospheric . Classic on the hood “ Frog eye ” The headlights are not absent . The quadrangular air inlets on both sides make the car look more domineering .

The side has a through waistline , Make the body look more slender . The door handle adopts a hidden design . The multi frame wheel hub at the bottom also looks very dynamic and fashionable .

The tail lamps are arranged horizontally , When lit, the recognition is very high . The exhaust mode of bilateral co outlet is adopted below .

The interior adopts a three width multifunctional steering wheel , Equipped with suspended central control screen . The seat material is very soft , Very comfortable . motivation , New cars will carry 2.0T A variety of power combinations including the engine , It includes 2.0T+8AT 48V Mechanical 4WD ;2.0T+8AT PHEV;2.0T HEV Light hybrid electric 4WD, etc , The maximum power will be from 252 Horsepower to maximum 431 horsepower , The mechanical 4WD comes from Borg Warner's sixth generation 4WD Technology .

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