Concentrate is the essence of these two small SUV design excellent configuration high.

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concentrate essence small suv design

Today we introduce two small SUV, They are well designed and highly configured , Now let's see ! Galloping T33: aesthetic , The new car adopts Pentium's new family design language , The details of the whole car are handled better , More beautiful .T The hexagonal air intake grille with the characteristics of series family adopts dot matrix design , Match with long and narrow full LED Headlights and vertically placed daytime running lights , Make the new car more layered and luxurious .

The interior , LCD instrument panel with large suspended central control display and clear functional area layout make driving easier and more convenient .

motivation , The vehicle carrying 1.2T The engine , Maximum horsepower is 143 horse , Peak torque is 204N·M, The maximum output power is 105KW, And what matches that is 7 Wet double clutch gearbox .

The new Geely Binyue : In terms of appearance , new Bingyue as a new style , The front face design of energy storm with updated shape is adopted , This is the Geely brand 4.0 One of the design languages .1.5TD The three models of the version have been upgraded to blackened sports wheels and red sports calipers , The performance and appearance are very helpful .

The interior , The new car is equipped with 12.3 Inch center control screen 、 Two color sports steering wheel 、 Aircraft electronic gear handle , It creates a strong sense of science and Technology . in addition , The details are also very good , Sporty yellow and black 、 Red and black color matching style ,72 Light color atmosphere 、 High quality suede sports seats and matte metal wire drawing process panels , All make the interior more luxurious .

motivation , The vehicle carrying 1.5T The engine , Maximum horsepower is 177 horse , Peak torque is 255N·M, The maximum output power is 130KW, And what matches that is 7 Wet double clutch gearbox .

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