BAIC Ruixiang X5 sells 73800 vehicle logos: baowo lies flat

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baic ruixiang x5 sells vehicle

author : fat people Editor's comments : BAIC Ruixiang X5 What kind of car is it ? Simply put, it's a SUV. So what is its background ? Simply put, BAIC is the only backstage . So why is it so cheap ? In short, BAIC didn't hold much hope . In fact, this price is SUV There are too many in the market , Whether there are seven or not, it may not cause too much waves in the market . However, it can be related to a brand and model that BAIC once owned , That's Ruixiang X5 The logo of —— It's very much like baowo's LOGO, Just lying flat , And got two stabs , Is it a hint that one knife cuts down on quality , Cut down on sales , Then it was cut down …… Lie flat ?

2021 year 8 month 25 Japan , BAIC Ruixiang X5 Officially listed , A total of 10 models , All aboard 1.5T The engine , Price range: 7.38-12.38 Ten thousand yuan . As BAIC Ruixiang's first SUV, The new car focuses on intelligence 、 Large space , A model for young people , Meet the travel needs of the whole family , Its appearance adopts atmospheric and stable modeling design , The huge straight waterfall front grille looks very imposing . Another very chic diamond LOGO, Star shape with metal texture , Hollow out design is adopted in the middle , The overall appearance is quite exquisite . The headlights on both sides add up to eight lenses , Plus the blackened lights and the frame of the grille , Looks cool and murderous . Large bilateral lower air intakes , With red decoration , Let the front face move more .

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