A large number of wood grain decorative panels and large central control screen were exposed in the interior of tank 500, which was officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show

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large number wood grain decorative

tanks 600 Renamed tank 500 I should have heard all about , If you don't know, you can see our previous reports . But it's not a big deal , After all, nothing has changed except the name . Before the tank 500 There have always been only hand drawings , Finally, the official figure came out , But I still can't see the interior , It can be said that the degree of confidentiality is very high .

But recently tanks 500 The interior of the has finally been exposed , Although it's a spy photo , And it looks like an engineering prototype or test vehicle , But on the whole, we can still find out a little . For example, a large number of wood grain decorative plates are used in the whole vehicle , Through the entire center console , The steering wheel is still the style of the tank family , And tanks 300 It's like . What's interesting is its big screen , The size may reach 14 Inch , And set it independently .

Between the central control panel and the lower storage compartment is the air outlet of the air conditioner , What's interesting is that the car is equipped with a mechanical watch , I don't know if there is brand cooperation . The electronic stop handle can be seen on the platform , It seems that the crystal block the head . The rest is due to the test vehicle , Many accessories are not available , Let's not speculate .

Review the look , tanks 500 The exterior design of the is very hard , The net in the front of the car protrudes forward , A lot of chrome trim is used , In the center is the latest version of the tank LOGO. The headlights on both sides are rectangular , There are multiple light sources inside , Our guess includes LED Day light 、LED headlight , And turn signals . The lower surround is relatively simple , No resin material , It should be a model that favors city cars .

tanks 500 The side of the is not outlined with lines , But it feels very capable , There is spirit . The rear part of the car seems to have a little H9 Shadow . The rear window is designed with privacy glass , Luggage rack 、 The external spare wheel is also equipped with these common configurations .

The power part of the new car is expected to carry a 3.0T V6 The engine , Maximum horsepower 354Ps, Maximum torque 500N·m, In addition, it matches 48V Light mixed motor . Match a 9AT transmission . GO Che Jun comments : tanks 500 All aspects of my literacy are good , appearance 、 power , Very good . The interior upholstery is also very good according to the current pictures , I hope it will give us a surprise after listing , Especially in terms of price .

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