Chengdu auto show: Retro + smart trendy drive wey new SUV will appear

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chengdu auto retro smart trendy

In recent days, , Great Wall Motor's high-end luxury brand WEY Release a new retro smart SUV Forecast chart , Different from existing VV Series models , It is also different from the Mocha just launched by the coffee platform 、 Macchiatto 、 Latte new car .

Retro intelligence SUV The new car adopts a new appearance design , The internal code of the new car is “V72”, location SUV models , It's retro + The integration of intelligence . New car will be on the 2021 Chengdu Auto Show debut .

according to WEY Posters Released by the brand , You can see a new generation of intelligent retro trendy driving , Intelligence for all , Classic is only for you , meanwhile , The front notice of the new car on the poster , Retro flavor . The new car's round headlights and sleek engine hood , Is the essence of retro , Cooperate with multiple arc-shaped air inlet grilles at the front of the vehicle , Make it more retro . The retro elements of the preview are unique , It is expected that after listing, it will be a unique SUV, There are few competing products .

Euler lightning cat

Euler punk cat in the last two years , The retro design of Great Wall Motors is popular , Many of its models have become popular , For example, punk cat and lightning cat, which appeared under the Euler brand of the Great Wall at this year's Shanghai Auto Show , Unlisted has become “ Net red car ”.

WEY Exposure of retro intelligent preview , Netizens have different opinions , Some people think he's a bit like Chrysler PT Rambler , A vintage car revived it , It is not easy to get consumer recognition , It's even worse to get market recognition ; But some people are very interested in it , Think that retro elements make the owner seem to go back to the past , Found a confidant , Experience a different car life , Meet individual needs , Hope to launch a new model as soon as possible . At present, there are few retro models alive in the world , Not classic enough , It's not enough fashion , But because it's too personal , Cars as a means of transportation , It's for driving , Not to look , But for the sake of appearance, the sales volume will not be too high , therefore , Taking the retro route, opportunities and risks coexist .WEY New Retro intelligence SUV Release of preview map , Let's see something different WEY brand . First ,WEY It's not what it used to be 3 The era of no new cars , Sewing and mending another three years ; secondly , Mocha, Macchiato and latte are not finished yet , The new model has been arranged , Make partners and consumers confident .WEY Retro intelligence will appear at Chengdu auto show , What do you want to say about the new car , Welcome to the comment area to leave messages and interact , Say what you think .

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