Uncle becomes Europa, and the new Tiguan family is listed, starting from 215800 yuan

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uncle europa new tiguan family

From Tiguan to Tiguan L, This car has always been a joint venture SUV The existence of winning pole level , At the same time, it is also the sales responsibility of SAIC Volkswagen , Its cumulative sales in China have exceeded 240 Thousands of cars . In response to the current younger market , The public is actively transforming , And Tiguan also has new changes .

at present , SAIC Volkswagen's new Tiguan family has been listed , Manufacturer's guide price 21.58-29.39 Ten thousand yuan . This time a total of 3 A series of models : Among them, the new Tiguan L PHEV common 2 paragraph , The price is 25.78-26.88 Ten thousand yuan ; New Tiguan L common 6 models , The price is 21.58-28.18 Ten thousand yuan ;2022 Concept of payment X common 5 models , The price is 24.19-29.39 Ten thousand yuan .

We used to see the way , Even the impression of the public , They are all mediocre , It tastes like a calm uncle . However, the newly listed new Tiguan family , But it gives people a refreshing feeling . The new Tiguan family adopted Tiguan X This front face design style , Reduced straight lines , Added more rounded curves , Overall, it feels more sporty 、 More personality .IQ.Light The intelligent lamp group is no longer just a square shape , There are more curve changes at the junction with the grid , meanwhile “ Canthus ” Slightly up , Looks more divine . so to speak , The new Tiguan family with great changes in appearance , Like from a calm uncle , Turned into a trend, oba .

The interior design of the new Tiguan family has also undergone a new design , Include 12 Inch suspended central control screen UI And more young and personalized . The central control screen supports voice control 、 Gesture control , And touch control , Integrated real-time navigation 、 Vehicle settings 、 Video entertainment and other functions , Very practical . In addition to intelligence, there are new performances , The new Tiguan family is also equipped with 30 color LED Ambient light 、 Haman Caton premium sound system and other luxury configurations , Add a younger color , The whole interior looks very textured .

motivation , New Tiguan L Cancel the original 1.4T The engine , The whole department has adopted 2.0T Power of displacement . The two-wheel drive version is equipped with low power 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 137kW, Maximum torque 320N·m; The 4WD version is equipped with high power 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 162kW, Maximum torque 350N·m. View of path X 2022 It is also a two-wheel drive with low power 2.0T, 4WD with high power 2.0T. New Tiguan L PHEV Then 1.4T The engine + Power combination of front motor , System integrated maximum power 155kW, Maximum torque 400N·m. After all, it's a mid-term model , The new Tiguan family has not changed much in terms of powertrain , But the victory lies in maturity and reliability .

In terms of intelligent assisted driving , The new Tiguan family has put more active safety configurations on some low and medium configuration models . Compared with the active braking function seen only on the top configuration before , New Tiguan L The standard configuration of the whole series . Some models are also equipped with PLA3.0 Intelligent parking system 、360 Degree aerial view panoramic visual driving assistance system 、Travel Assist Rich active safety configurations such as full journey intelligent driving assistance system , It greatly improves the driving safety and convenience of users .

At the end : It can be seen that in recent years, independent brands have also been growing in medium-sized enterprises SUV This subdivision supports continuous breakthroughs , This is right for the Tiguan “ veteran ” It brings a lot of pressure . The listing of the new Tiguan family , This transformation from uncle to Europa , It's like a statement from SAIC Volkswagen :240 ten thousand , Far from the goal of Tiguan .

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