Chang'an Automobile ecological conference: analyze three sets of technologies, clarify a positioning and stability!

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chang automobile ecological conference analyze

8 month 24 Japan , Chang'an Automobile hosted “2021 Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological Conference ”, As the leader of Chongqing's manufacturing industry , This conference is also 2021 An important series of China International Intelligent Industry Expo , It is also a remarkable sharing in the industry .

That morning , Changan Automobile has been released C385 and E11 News and platform technical background of the two new cars , It has further revealed its achievements in the transformation of Intelligent Technology . Afternoon , Changan Automobile interprets the full scene digital twin development open platform from a technical point of view 、 Changan automobile APA7.0 Remote valet parking system 、 Three major technologies of the new generation super collector drive system .

Let's first talk about the super collector drive system closely related to the endurance pain point , key word : Super efficient .

Friends in the North should know , It is very serious for new energy vehicles to lose their meters in the cold environment , The world's first electric drive high frequency pulse heating technology of Chang'an automobile , Using the inductance and switching characteristics of electric drive , High frequency pulse current is generated between the driving battery and the electric drive , Let the internal resistance of the battery realize self heating to achieve thermal insulation effect ; Combined with waste heat recovery technology , It can increase the range 40-70KM—— This will be a benefit that users will see in the future . in addition , Compared with the traditional “ Three in one ” Electric drive system , This deeply integrated electric drive system is smaller , It can also improve mechanical efficiency 3%-5%、 Electromagnetic efficiency is improved 5%-8%.

It is worth mentioning that , In addition to improving user efficiency , The electric drive system of Chang'an Automobile also takes into account industrial efficiency and product efficiency . It uses a combination of two electric drives + Super materials , Developed 450V and 800V Two series , The future Changan Automobile Electric vehicle type can realize 400-1000km Extra wide mileage demand . This set of electric drive system assembly has the highest efficiency 95%, If a car runs 10 year 30 Thousands of kilometers , In this life cycle , Carbon emissions can be reduced by about 2 Tons of .

Learn more about , Changan automobile APA7.0 Where is the cow of remote valet parking system .

at present , Some people have begun to suffer “ It's hard to park ” Trouble , On the one hand, it is because the driving skills are not in place , You can't park in the parking space quickly and well ; On the other hand, in the city , Parking spaces are getting tighter , Looking for a parking space 、 It takes a long time to find a car . The parking system of Chang'an Automobile depicts such a scene : Users arrive at the business district or office building , You can get off directly outside the garage , The system helps you line up and drive the vehicle through the gate 、 Look for parking space independently , Self parking . Of course , The premise of this idea is to meet the relevant national laws and regulations . Changan Automobile Technology , It can be regarded as a forward-looking reserve at the technical level .

besides , APA7.0 The remote unmanned valet parking system can also realize the pick-up at the elevator entrance 、 Pick up outside the garage and valet parking in the service area . To achieve this effect , It is inseparable from the support of software and hardware . Advanced sensors 、 Millimeter wave radar 、 The camera is necessary , Algorithmic technology is also particularly important .

APA7.0 Maybe it's a little far away . at present , We learned that , Chang'an car is in 9 The moon comes true APA6.0 Mass production of remote intelligent parking , Step by step iterative upgrade to the present , Chang'an automobile is stable , Always put safety first .

Last , Let's briefly understand what is the open platform for full scene digital twin development .

Changan Automobile has put forward a novel statement this time , It's called “ Atomic Services ”, Simply speaking , Is to increase the flexibility of the combination . And numbers are twins , It means getting through driving 、 Cockpit 、 Three domains of vehicle control , Build a vehicle level virtual simulation environment , Realize the function of the whole vehicle, and the scene can be arranged .

Changan Automobile also introduces , It already has millions in the local cloud TOPS Your computing power reserve , Can support the future 5 To 10 Platform development needs in . Since it's Building Ecology , Then we should not only have a cooperative and open attitude , More importantly, there should be cooperative and open channels —— Changan Automobile provides... For developers 10 class 260 individual API Interface . at present , Has been connected for more than 100 Multiple partners 、 Online more than 200 Multiple applications , We can feel a lot on the existing Changan models , And then it will expand infinitely , It's worth looking forward to .

Get to know , Although Xiaobian can't fully understand the professional interpretation of Technology , However, it does not prevent everyone from recognizing the platform wisdom of Chang'an Automobile in R & D . In a new ecology , Changan Automobile has a clear positioning for itself : stay “ New car ” In the ecological environment of the industry , Vehicle products are still the main responsibility of the vehicle factory , The only ecological closed loop that must be completed .

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