Look over here! OMG! Don't see regret! Jaguar XFL vs Lexus nx

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look omg don regret jaguar

As a product of cutting-edge technology , Many new technologies will take the lead in the use of car bodies , Therefore, high-tech configuration is loved by people . Jaguar recommended today XFL And Lexus NX They are good at rich configuration , It should suit your taste . Now let's follow Xiaobian and see what they do .

models : jaguar XFL 2020 paragraph XFL 2.0T P200 Two drive Fenghua version countries VI

The guided :37.58 Ten thousand yuan

jaguar XFL 2020 paragraph XFL 2.0T P200 The front of the two-wheel drive Fenghua version gives people a very neat feeling , The grid is designed in a grid shape , Add chrome trim , It has improved the whole vehicle to a certain level .

, jaguar XFL 2020 paragraph XFL 2.0T P200 The center console of two drive Fenghua version is made of soft material , add 10.2 Inch touch LCD central control screen , Make the interior look very atmospheric .

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