[e car] wey launched a new retro concept car, the new car code is V72

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car wey launched new retro

Yesterday, ,WEY Officials have released a preview of a retro concept car , The new car code is V72, The positioning is still SUV models , It is reported that the new car will be in 8 month 27 Official appearance , And in 8 month 29 It was officially released at the Chengdu auto show on the th .

From the appearance drawing , The design inspiration is very similar to the models of the 1930s and 1940s , It's a retro design , The two round lights on the front face are the essence , The transverse grid has radians , The chrome plated air inlet grille below is also designed horizontally , The prominent headlights have the same sense of age as old cars in the past .

The first thing I saw was , This is to PT Did the walker salute ? But take a closer look at , It's a bit like the first generation Opel Kadett, Or is it cord 812.

There's even a sense of liberating big trucks before .

Officials call it a new generation of retro trendy driving ”, Will take “ intelligence ” and “ classic ” For publicity , This reminds me of the loose cars that have been popular recently , Also by putting BYD's new car technology into a retro shell , While enjoying the retro styling, you can also enjoy the driving quality brought by modern cars . At present, there is very little official news about the new car , Will it be a pure electric model or a fuel model ? How the real car looks and so on have to wait until 8 month 27 It won't be known until tomorrow .

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