The black upholstery shows high quality. The 2022 Volkswagen Passat appears as a new choice for car purchase

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black upholstery shows high quality.

Volkswagen Passat is a very classic model of Volkswagen B Class A , It also has very good sales in the market .2022 A Volkswagen Passat appears , Let's get to know more about .

The front face adopts a matrix air inlet grille . A through decorative strip is used in the middle to connect with the headlights on both sides , The grille is clearly up and down, and the headlights on both sides are surrounded by chrome trim strips , It seems that the integrity is very strong . The lower enclosure is designed with a black grille , Sporty .

The side through waist line makes the body look more slender . The lower whirlwind wheel hub is more sporty and fashionable .

The tail lamp adopts a through design , Very eye-catching after lighting , At the same time, it adds a sense of fashion . The popular hidden exhaust mode is adopted below .

The interior adopts a three width multifunctional steering wheel , It seems very solid and steady . Configure embedded central control screen , Full of sense of technology . The seat is made of leather fabric , Very comfortable .2022 The Passat is expected to carry 1.4T、2.0T The engine , Match the 7 Block dry double clutch 、7 Block wet double clutch , The maximum output power is 150 horsepower 、186 horsepower 、220 horsepower .

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