Volvo new car: the whole car is mainly simple, and the whole car has a 3-year unlimited km warranty

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volvo new car car mainly

In the eyes of former users , The choice of high-end brand models is expensive and unbearable , In addition to finally offering a high price , It also faces high after-sales service and maintenance costs , The cost of cars is also quite high , however , In recent years, more and more luxury brands have been introduced , So many young users choose to buy cars .

meanwhile , These models also have terminal discounts , The price after discount is almost the same as that of ordinary brand models , however , The cost of cars is always an unavoidable topic , By introducing entry-level models , Will the maintenance cost of these models change ?

What you bought today is from Volvo XC40, Price 26.48-38.58 Ten thousand yuan , The whole department has 7 Two vehicle configurations , Provide 1.5T Of 3 Two cylinders and 2.0T High and low power 3 Two power options .

1.5T Of 3 One cylinder, only one model , The price difference is not big , So I don't have much reference , What you bought today is mainly analyzed 2.0T Power .

appearance XC40 You're doing well , The whole adopts family design , Thor's sledgehammer headlights and Virgin Your axe tail light is not missing , in addition , The car is equipped with a two-color body and a black plastic wiper , You can see more of the car's movements .

For interior decoration , actually , The style of the bolbo family continues , On the whole, it is mainly simple , Too many physical buttons , Almost all operations are not carried out on the central control screen , It is worth mentioning that , The car has been replaced with electronic gears with a sense of science and Technology , This is also more in line with the aesthetics of young users .

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