Audi or Lexus? German luxury brands don't like Japanese at all!

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In recent years, with the rapid development of Japanese automobile industry , The offensive of its luxury brands is becoming more and more fierce , Among them, Lexus is the most representative , As the sales shoulder of Japanese luxury brands , Lexus has always been reluctant to succumb to the camp of second-line luxury brands , So whether Lexus has the strength to benchmark BBA Well ? Of course not ! In this issue, I'll talk about why German luxury brands don't see Japanese at all .

First of all, first-line luxury brands need brand accumulation , Let's look at the German top three Mercedes Benz 、 BMW 、 Which of Audi is not a century old car enterprise ? The Japanese luxury brands represented by Lexus are less than 50 Years of history , How can Japanese luxury brands compare with German luxury brands ? The two are not in the same generation at all , German luxury brands have more historical details .

Technical aspects , German luxury brands are also more advanced , With Audi A6L( Parameter picture ) And Lexus ES For example , Although both are positioned for medium and large vehicles , But Audi A6L In appearance 、 power 、 The allocation of science and technology and other aspects are fully developed “ Shell changing Camry ”( lexus ES), Unlike Lexus, which insists on using the old naturally aspirated engine , German car companies such as Audi are more willing to provide consumers with more advanced turbocharged engines , audi A6L Carrying a new generation 2.0L/3.0L The turbocharged engine matches Audi quattro Intelligent four-wheel drive system , Make Audi A6L Driving experience 、 It leads Lexus in terms of ride comfort ES.

The last thing to say is this , In China's auto market BBA The momentum of the tripartite confrontation is unshakable , because BBA It is a globally recognized luxury brand , Lexus has only been established for decades , It's impossible to communicate with BBA par ,BBA The accumulation of 100 years of car building is not something that Japanese luxury brands can surpass in a moment and a half , The only thing to say is “ transcend ” That is, the reliability brought by old technology , Only Japanese luxury brands are left “ One car passes on three generations ” Helplessness and embarrassment .

For Germany in the luxury brand camp 、 What do you think of the dispute between Japan and ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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