Chang'an new energy c385 pure electric coupe appears, and its shape is similar to that of Audi A7

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chang new energy c385 pure

In the near future , Xuche review learned from relevant channels , Changan New Energy C385 Pure electric coupe appears . New car positioning: pure electric vehicle , Adopt the modeling design of sports , The front face of the new car adopts closed grille , Split headlamp units are used on both sides , The matrix lamp group below adopts the function of interactive lamp language , The side lines of the car body are smooth , Adopt dynamic car running posture , The new car adopts compact three compartment structure , Concealed door handle , Reduce wind resistance , The tail adopts sliding back design , use LED Through tail lamp set , The new car adopts a two-stage fixed spoiler , Low brake light , The new car adopts five pointed star shaped wheels .

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