The new car has a range of 305 km, and from the pre-sale of 69800 yuan, Baojun Kiwi EV will be launched on August 31

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new car range km pre-sale

writing : Understand the original car Emperor Chen Xuming

Official announcement :KiWi EV= an adventure

[ Understand the original car Emperor product ] In recent days, , SAIC GM Wuling's Baojun brand officially announced ,KiWi EV( Chinese name : an adventure ) Will be in 8 month 31 Day on the market . The car has been pre sold before , Divided into basic version 、 Advanced version , Respectively named “ The designer ” and “ The artist ”, The pre-sale prices are 6.98 Million and $ 7.88 Ten thousand yuan . baojun KiWi EV Positioning micro pure electric vehicle , Mileage to 305 km .

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