The price is only 1.278 million, with 4.2s breaking 100. It's a man's dream car. It's a real shot of the Porsche 911 Carrera

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price million 4.2s breaking man

Introduction a few days ago, a female friend asked me , I want to give her husband a car as a birthday present , The budget 130 ten thousand , Speed up is required 、 Strong performance 、 Cool appearance 、 Luxury interior , Preferably four , Ask what car you can choose ? It's not difficult for Daewoo , Because Daewoo knows that sports cars are the dream cars of many men . After some screening , Daewoo found... In a pile of sports cars ——2022 paragraph porsche 911 Carrera 3.0T, Manufacturer's guide price 127.8 ten thousand . Does this car meet her requirements in other aspects ? Follow Daewoo to have a look .

One 、 Appearance Porsche 911, I believe many friends will be refreshed immediately when they hear the name , Because it's so classic . from 1963 Since its birth in , It's the eighth generation now , Almost every model can cause the pursuit and Carnival of sports car fans all over the world . and Carrera The series has the most models , It's Porsche 911 The main products of the series , More to say 911 Series of “ soul ” Where . A highly recognizable front , Oval headlights , Has become a Porsche 911 Identification of the series , Engraved in the bone .

The arc from the front to the rear , Not only beautiful , More effective in enhancing aerodynamics , So that this car can “ Gallop in the wind ”, Become synonymous with high-performance vehicles . The tail has been modified in previous dynasties , The biggest change is that “PORSCHE” The logo and the through tail lamp are designed in one plane , And the two blend very well . And this design , It has also triggered the of many car companies “ Copy homework ”. After all , Who doesn't want to have something to do with Porsche ? The exhaust size of two sides is very large , Simple and crude , Put it on another car may be “ spray ” It's not light , But in Porsche 911 Above the series , But there is not much sense of disobedience , Because it really has this strength .

Body size , The length, width and height of this car are respectively :4519x1852x1298mm, The wheelbase is 2450mm. Recently, Daewoo saw some videos on the Internet , Those men are sitting in Porsche 911 Inside the convertible , It's like driving a toy car , It's funny . Although Porsche 911 The body of the series is not high , But the sitting position can be adjusted freely according to the height , So in Daewoo's view , Those people just want to make a video to attract attention .

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