Led by cvvd and i-gmp, Tucson l technology interpretation

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Now , In China's auto market, most of the main topics discussed revolve around Germany 、 Japanese 、 The cars , Few people will mention Korean cars . In fact, under the current domestic environment , In fact, the sales of Korean cars can't compare with our own brands , But light from three major technical , The Korean department still has a good standard . In this issue, we will take the modern fifth generation Tucson L As an example , Let's explore what new technology Hyundai Group has brought us .

The fifth generation Tucson L be based on i-GMP Platform to build ,i-GMP The platform has a short front overhang 、 Long wheelbase 、 Long rear suspension 、 Low center of gravity design features , At the same time, optimize the silo to the greatest extent 、 Crew compartment 、 Space allocation of luggage compartment . Tucson in terms of suspension L The former McPherson, which is common in the same level, is adopted 、 Structure of rear multi connecting rod , The main purpose is to optimize the space of the passenger compartment as much as possible .

motivation , Tucson L Pick up the Smartstream1.5T The engine , The most powerful 147kW, Peak torque 253N·m, One hundred kilometers fuel consumption in 6.1L about ( The fuel consumption data of different configurations are different ), Peculiar CVVD Technology also makes power performance 、 Fuel efficiency 、 Environmental protection and other aspects have achieved a comprehensive balance . The one that matches the engine is 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , According to officials, its transmission efficiency is as high as 94.9%.

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