This wave did not expect! BMW Z4 can be bought with an annual salary of 300000! Are you satisfied with the profit of 65000?

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wave expect bmw z4 bought

He who meets the brave wins , In order to achieve better sales results , Discount is the most effective trump card . What Xiaobian wants to introduce to you today is BMW Z4. This generation of BMW introduced today Z4 On 2019 year 4 On the listed , The guided 48.88 Ten thousand yuan . What are its advantages , Please look down .

models : BMW Z4 2019 paragraph sDrive 25i M Sport suit

The guided :48.88 Ten thousand yuan

BMW Z4 2019 paragraph sDrive 25i M The whole front of the sports suit presents a cool design style , Large double kidney grille with chrome trim , Further highlights the sense of movement . The headlights show a strong sense of movement , And standard configuration LED Distance light .

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