Can Passat's mid-term modified roof wind be listed to save the declining sales?

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passat mid-term term modified roof

As the earliest joint venture car brand in China , Popular brands have a special complex in many people's minds . In the past , Except for the Jetta we know ( Parameter picture ) outside , Passat is even higher in stature , Become the dream of many people . Especially for a long time , Passat car becomes a special mount for a specific group , And is given more meaning . Once a hot in China's auto market B Class car king , Passat has been the sales champion for many years . But with other car brands catching up , Especially when Toyota launched TANG After the architecture , Passat is B The advantage of the first-class car market is no longer obvious . In recent years, after more products and independent brands have joined the medium-sized car track , Passat's status is declining .

according to 1-6 The latest ranking of domestic medium-sized car sales in January , Tesla, plagued by negative news in the first half of the year Model 3, Unexpectedly, the more scolded, the more brave , In one piece “ condemning ” He won the championship in the competition . BMW 3 The Department and Toyota Camry are two respectively 、 3、 ... and . Last year, Honda Accord, the champion of medium-sized car sales, ranked fourth . As for Volkswagen Passat , In the first half of the year, the total sales volume was only 4.1 Thousands of cars , Directly out of the top ten . Once created monthly sales 2.92 Million recorded Passats , I don't know when I have stepped down from the altar , Gradually fade the aura of the body .

The loss of Passat's dominant position , Of course, it is closely related to the changes of the external automobile market environment , But beyond that , The widely criticized safety test results of China Insurance Research Institute 、 Passat's old age 、 Low configuration , It has also become the main factor in the decline of its sales .

In the wind and rain 、 At a time of internal and external difficulties , Passat also launched a self-help from the inside out , Windward launched a new Passat , Hope to take this as an opportunity to restructure rivers and mountains , Save sales decline . But Tesla has repeatedly cut prices before Model 3 Step by step , Later, a number of domestic independent brands are eyeing covetously, forming a form of encirclement and suppression , It's just “ Micro plastic ” Of Passat , Whether we can become famous in World War I and achieve reversal , We need to continue to observe .

The price of the new Passat is cheaper than the cash 2 More than ten thousand

8 month 26 Japan , The new Passat will be officially launched , The pre-sale price is 16.8 ten thousand -24.5 Between ten thousand . It is reported that , This is a cash model from 2018 The first medium-term major change since its listing in . It can be seen from the changes in appearance and configuration , Passat gradually broke away from the previous too strong business model , More sporty and younger , So as to cater to young people's consumer groups . And the price is also cheaper than cash models 2 More than ten thousand , After the entry threshold is lowered , Will form a price advantage , Contribute to the sales of the new Passat .

according to the understanding of , The new Passat looks younger and sportier . The new headlight is thinner and narrower than the old one , Use a double layer C Sun lamp , More visually sharp . For medium and high configuration models, a transverse light belt is added in the middle of the China Grid , The low configuration version is a transverse chrome strip . The shape of the front bar is more sporty than cash . among “ Sports section ” The front face of the matches the starlight dot matrix front grille , The whole grid is divided into upper and lower parts . A chrome plated trim strip in the middle of the upper grille is connected to the headlights on both sides , Stretch the lateral vision of the vehicle , The fog lamp adopts a more sporty square tusk upgrade , With more fashionable and sporty front surround and silver trim , The sporty smell of the new car is more obvious .

The body side , The modeling design of the front and rear fender of the new car presents a certain sense of width , The concave shape of the waist line and the bottom of the door makes the side of the car look more layered . It is reported that , The new Passat will provide 16、17、18 Inches and other wheels for consumers to choose . Unlike the cash Passat , The large wheel hub matched with the new Passat adopts more arc design in shape , Looks more fashionable .

The rear part of the car is the major change of the new Passat . The rear of the sliding back style car is equipped with a new through tail lamp group , The visual recognition of the whole vehicle is further improved . Hidden exhaust layout with two sides in total , Enhance the overall sense of the rear of the vehicle .

Body size , The length, width and height of the new Passat are 4948mm*1836mm*1469mm, The wheelbase is 2871mm. On the basis of the original , The length of the new car is longer than that of the cash 15mm, This further improves the driving space . However, the central bulge of the rear floor is large , Reduce comfort .

The interior has a more advanced feel

The interior details of the new Passat are also adjusted and optimized . The new car is not like the new Tiguan L The suspended central control screen is also used , Instead, choose the large central control LCD screen with embedded design , as well as 10.2 Inch full LCD instrument panel , The vehicle engine system is rich in content .

The steering wheel is adjusted to new GEN2 Mod Flat bottomed three spoke steering wheel , The multi-function buttons on both sides are changed to touch operation , More sense of technology and convenience .

New design fabric with black and brown stitching , Soft plastic lined metal panel with piano baking paint , The interior of the new car is based on practicality , The delicacy and advanced feeling have been significantly improved . In addition, the air conditioning control also adopts full touch operation . Harman Caton's advanced sound effect brings people high-quality vocal enjoyment .

The new Passat not only has different grilles to choose from , Cameras are equipped on the front, rear and side of the body , Front and rear radars are also used on the new Passat . Compared with the current model , The new Passat has an airbag , Thus forming the main / Passenger seat airbag 、 front / Rear side balloon 、 front / Rear head air curtain 、 Passive safety matrix such as knee airbag .

Power on , The new Passat has 1.4T、2.0T High power and 2.0T Three power configurations of low-power engine , The matching of transmission system is 7 Double clutch gearbox . Specific dynamic parameters 2.0T The maximum power of the engine model is 186 Horsepower and 220 horsepower , The maximum peak torque is 320N.m and 350N.m, and 1.4T The maximum power of the model is 150 horsepower , The maximum peak torque is 250N.m. As for the plug-in hybrid version, it is equipped with 1.4T The engine + Plug in hybrid power system composed of motor , The comprehensive torque of the whole vehicle is 400N·m.

The new Passat has not changed much , It didn't surprise people too much , Whether the sales volume can be reversed , It's not clear yet . But anyway , Win the trust and love of young people , Maybe there's a half chance of winning . At this point , The move of the new Passat is still grounded .

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