New car express | V12 engine Aston Martin vantage RS spy photo exposure

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new car express v12 engine

There is news that , aston · Martin is preparing a more powerful Vantage models . In recent days, , Foreign media exposed a group of suspected V12 Dynamic Vantage models , According to witnesses at the scene , The car's engine doesn't sound like a Mercedes Benz V8 The engine .

Picture shows , The engine cover of the car is equipped with V Shape camouflage , This indicates that there is an updated panel below , With various vents . If there is a big... Under the engine compartment V12 The engine , The existence of these vents is reasonable . These vents can send cold air in , Let the heat out . The tail , The new car seems to use a wide wing , At the same time, the exhaust pipe is moved to the central position , However, its shape may not be the final mass production version .

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