The fastest overseas sales in the fourth quarter, the new Volkswagen Sagitar official map is released, and the appearance is younger!

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fastest overseas sales fourth quarter

From public officials , Volkswagen New Jetta models ( The domestic corresponding model is Volkswagen Suteng ) It has been officially released in overseas markets , The new car will be on sale in the overseas market as soon as the fourth quarter . I don't know how much you know about this car , Let's have a look .

aesthetic , The internal structure of hexagonal network is very rich , With sharp LED headlight , The whole front of the car is full of attack , Strong sense of integration , Surrounded by chrome plated strips , The outline is clear , It looks younger and has texture . Through bottom surround design , Fashion avant-garde .

The body side , The car body is obviously sunken , It looks very sharp . Window lines and... Of the suspended roof B/C The columns are blackened , A better sense of privacy , It also looks more textured . Through waistline radian rises naturally , It looks very dynamic and elegant .

interiors , The interior color and materials create a full sense of texture and luxury . The red atmosphere light above , Cool . Three dimensional large-size duplex screen , The sense of technology is directly full . The overall embracing layout is more intimate and delicate . motivation , The overseas version of the ordinary model has been changed 1.5T The engine ,;GLI The model is equipped with 2.0T The engine , And provide 6 Speed manual transmission and 7 Dual speed clutch transmission is optional .

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