Zero run T03 added two new cars, luxury Pro version / micro sugar version, which appeared at Chengdu auto show

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zero run t03 added new

In the near future , Xuche review learned from relevant channels , Zero run T03 New luxury Pro Version and micro sugar version , Will appear in Chengdu auto show . The new car adopts closed grille , The headlamp group adopts rounded rectangle , The interior is a single lens integrating high and low beams , In the outer ring of the lens “C” Font decoration , The new car retains quicksand powder 、 Coral Orange in two colors , New Galaxy Silver 、 New oxygen green appearance color , Coral orange color matching roof can be added to the new car , The micro sugar version adopts 15 Inch aluminum alloy wheels , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 3620/1652/1577 mm , The wheelbase is 2400 mm , location 5 door 4 Seat micro pure electric vehicle , The overall style is fresh, lovely and fashionable , Focus on female consumer groups .

The micro sugar version has a new purple gray interior , Deluxe edition pro New exclusive orange grey interior , The new car is expected to be equipped with 8 Inch full LCD Meter 、10.1 Inch center control screen 、 Cruise control 、 Voice assistant system 、 Reversing video image 、 The electronic hand brake 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Front double glass 、 Steering wheel heating 、 Front seat ventilation 、 Back privacy glass .

Expected new car Deluxe Pro Equipped with motor , The most powerful 80 kw , Peak torque 158 Cattle meters , The maximum range of the new car is expected to be 610km, 100km acceleration 4.8 second .

source : Xu Che Ping

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