Hold up a big move! Finally! 8000 a month, no pressure! GAC motor ga6 vs Langyi

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hold big finally month pressure

Want a comfortable driving experience , In fact, it has a certain relationship with all aspects of the vehicle . The kei GA6 And Langyi are such two 5 A model , As for practicality, it's up to you to judge . So do they meet your requirements ? Let's look down with Xiaobian .

models : Gac and kei GA6 2019 paragraph 270T Auto Deluxe countries VI

The guided :12.68 Ten thousand yuan

The kei GA6 2019 paragraph 270T The front face of the automatic luxury version presents a cold design style , Polygonal grille with multiple chrome plated strips , With sharp headlights , It looks very simple , Quite powerful .

, The kei GA6 2019 paragraph 270T The interior of the automatic luxury version is mainly black , The interior design is deep and elegant , Consistent with the positioning of the vehicle . From the perspective of central control , The car is equipped with a touch-screen LCD central control screen , Looks like a good sense of Technology , It is equipped with keyless entry function in the driving position as standard 、 bluetooth / Car phone 、 Traction control and other configurations .

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