Headlamp modeling evolution / exposure of the new BMW 5 Series hypothetical composite through the tail lamp group

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headlamp modeling evolution exposure new

In the near future , Xuche review learned from relevant channels , The new BMW 5 Is a hypothetical composite exposure . Will be in 2023 Official release . The front face of the new car adopts double kidney air inlet grille , Blackened mesh is used inside , Triangular Laser headlamp , The side of the car body is more streamlined , More athletic , Adopt car running line , A long straight waistline , The new car adopts hidden door handle , Reduce wind resistance , The front surround adopts triangular air inlet , The tail is of through type LED Tail lights , The interior of the lamp group is designed with a sense of science and Technology , The new car adopts sporty five spoke wheel hub , Red calipers , The new car adopts a hidden exhaust layout .

The new car is expected to be equipped with 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel 、14.9 Inch center control curved screen 、 new iDrive 8 System 、 Keyless entry 、 Wireless charging of mobile phone 、WiFi hotspot 、 Digital key 、 Automatic cruise control system 、 Park assist 、 Collision defense system 、 Automatic driving assistance system 、 Traffic congestion assistance system 、 Air conditioner .

The new car is expected to carry 2.0T Petrol version 、2.0T Diesel version 、2.0T Plug in mixed version 、3.0T Petrol version 、3.0T Diesel version 、3.0T Plug in mixed version , matching 48 V light mixing system , Four wheel drive system is adopted , matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , A pure electric version will be launched .

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