Once again, we picked up the car. This is the KTM 250 Duke motorcycle.

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picked car. car ktm duke

What is the standard travel collocation of domestic media teachers now ? a MINI Cooper perhaps Clubman, Plus a bumper …… Of course, we can't fall behind .

Some time ago , Still learning D According to the photos, Mr. Zhao of the official driving school , I can't wait to order this one with the money I bought a bag KTM 250 Duke! Less than 3 The price of 10000 yuan can ride on the big trade , It's really tempting .

But now the problem is , Miss Zhao's D The photo has been taken , But it also faces the same problems as many novice Knights —— Made a big decision to learn to drive 、 Buying a car , But to really ride a motorcycle , Technology and courage will pass slowly . So today I'll bring this one that haunts her 250 Duke.

Friends familiar with the car market should know , at present KTM 250 Duke The market for this car is not very hot , I think on the one hand KTM A few years ago, it was under the banner of Chunfeng , Not enough publicity at home , The second is because there are KTM 390 Duke There is —— Whether in terms of displacement or power performance , In addition to meeting the daily transportation needs of the urban area , There is enough power on the mountain road , It has certain pondering properties , Not just a tool car .

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