As the leader of domestic medium-sized SUV, the new trumpchi gs8 appears again, and its gas field is not inferior to that of hanlanda

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leader domestic medium-sized medium sized

As one of the domestic automobile brands , The popularity in China is still very good . The kei GS8 As a medium-sized product of trumpchi SUV models , It plays a very important role in independent brand . Brand new trumpchi GS8 The real car appeared , The new car will be launched and pre sold during the Chengdu auto show , It is expected to be officially listed within this year .

The kei GS8 The front face adopts a new design style . The large rectangular grille is internally “ Spread wing type ” Fill the structure , Visual impact is very strong . Headlights on both sides T Type distribution , It's very stereoscopic . The shape of the lower enclosure is angular , The sense of hierarchy is very strong .

The side penetrating waistline stretches the visual length of the body . The multi spoke wheel hub at the bottom looks more sporty and fashionable .

The tail lamp adopts a vertical design , It looks very eye-catching . The exhaust mode of bilateral co outlet is adopted below . motivation , The fuel version will be equipped with 2.0T The engine +8AT The combination of , Its maximum power 185kW, Maximum torque 400N·m, In terms of transmission, it is matched by... From Aisin, Japan 8AT transmission , And provide 4WD option . The hybrid version consists of 2.0TM+ Toyota fourth generation THS Composition of hybrid system .

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