Mysterious black painted sports car full of new Toyota GR supra street shot

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mysterious black painted sports car

In recent days, , Some media have learned about a new group of Toyota GR Supra Street pat , The appearance design is more handsome and sporty , Powered on 2.0T Supercharged engine and 3.0T Supercharged engine matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . Now let's take a look at his performance .

aesthetic , Mysterious black paint all over , Three section air inlet grille on the front face , Internal blackening mesh treatment , The lights on both sides are narrow and sharp , The whole front face is quite recognizable , Dynamic body lines on the side , Hatchback design , The slender front , Create a dive momentum . Blackened multi web hub , Built in red brake caliper , And the low lying body , Show a full sports car style . The huge tail wing at the tail is very dynamic , Narrow tail light , Exquisite air kit design , Double row and two outlet exhaust , It further improves the sports texture of the whole vehicle .

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