The whole series is 2.0T + 8at. Lingke 09 joins Volvo technology and is expected to be listed in October

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series 2.0t 8at. lingke joins

In recent days, , Xiaobian found a very good model , This car is Led the g 09, It is reported that , The new car is Volvo SPA Build the architecture platform , Added a lot of current advanced Volvo Technology , So it is called Lingke Volvo “XC90”, If you are interested in this car, you can learn about it with Xiaobian .

In terms of appearance, the car's face is very vivid , Split headlamp unit and straight waterfall air inlet grille , Increased the appearance of the car face , The lower surrounding also adopts the style of three sections , Blackened inner net with several bright chrome plated , Make the car face look more textured .

The lines of the new car on the side of the body are very strong , Make the body a little more “ A tough guy ” style .

The tail lamp of the rear part has a unique shape , Matching with the logo not only has high recognition , And very fashionable sports .

In terms of interior upholstery, the large screen central control and light color interior upholstery , Fashion and science fiction . In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a Volvo 2.0T T5 Turbocharged engine , The transmission force matches with 8AT transmission , Besides , New cars come with them 2.0T+48V Light mixing system and 2.0T Hybrid system , There are many power options , And also equipped with four-wheel drive system , It is reported that , Led the g 09 Will be in 10 In the listed .

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