Good helper for self driving tour! Pay 5000 a month and buy it without blinking! Song Pro vs Chang'an cs55

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good helper self driving tour

The high configuration route is the characteristic of Chinese brand models , meanwhile , Affordable price is also a point for Chinese brand models to attract consumers , Nowadays, it is favored by consumers . At the thought of Chinese brand models , I have to mention song Pro And Chang'an CS55. So do they meet your requirements ? Let's look down with Xiaobian .

models : Byd's song Pro 2019 paragraph 1.5T Double clutch elite type

The guided :9.98 Ten thousand yuan

The song dynasty Pro 2019 paragraph 1.5T The double clutch elite front face presents a fashionable design style , It looks avant-garde , The visual effect of headlights is remarkable , The car .

The rear design , The song dynasty Pro Adopt the lines of youth , In line with the aesthetics of young people today . Exhaust pipe , The car uses a hidden design , Match with fashionable smoked tail lights , Make the rear of the car feel stable and generous .

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