Look over here! Shock! Who said 5000 a month can't buy it? Arizer GX vs Baojun 530

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look shock said month buy

At present, there are many prices in 7-8 Thousands of cars , They did a good job in all aspects , Very practical , There should be , It's enough to buy food on foot . Next, the guidance price is 9.19 10000 yuan arizer GX And the guidance price is 9.28 Ten thousand yuan Baojun 530. Next, join Xiaobian to see if their highlights can attract you .

models : Chery arizer GX 2019 paragraph The champion version 1.5L CVT elite

The guided :9.19 Ten thousand yuan

Ariza GX 2019 paragraph The champion version 1.5L CVT The elite front gives a very smooth feeling , The fashionable lattice grille is decorated with chrome plated strips , It looks more three-dimensional .

The length, width and height of the car body are 4710/1825/1490mm, The wheelbase 2670mm, The side of the car presents a capable design style , A few simple strokes outline an attractive shape .

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