The 30th anniversary edition of FAW Volkswagen "maiteng" was officially launched, 233300, with an exclusive LOGO!

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30th th anniversary edition faw

Recently, the exposure of shenche Volkswagen mainly focuses on the brand-new generation that will be launched soon “ passat ” On the body , And as a global car “ magotan ” Few opportunities to show up ! Until the arrival of this car , To make us realize ,“ magotan ” The existence of ! This brush has a sense of existence, which is the one in the picture 30 Anniversary models . This car is based on 330TSI From the luxury version , The details and configuration have been significantly improved , More importantly, this car will use a variety of exclusive LOGO Design , To show its special feeling !

The picture above is just listed 30 Anniversary Edition “ magotan ”! As usual, we simply introduce the appearance and interior of this car . Because this car has not really been upgraded or modified , So the new car still continues the classic design , On the front face , Banner air intake grille and both sides LED The headlights are integrated , In order to highlight its particularity , The interior of the lamp chamber is treated with blackening effect for the first time , This also makes the effect of lighting more young sports . Front and rear LOGO All have been replaced with flat design . Compared to the new Passat , This car does look more business oriented !

On the side, the design of this special edition is also consistent with the current model , The difference is that it is in B column 、 Welcome pedal and other places have added “30” The exclusive logo of the words , Speak straight and white , These figures can be used to determine whether this car is an anniversary version ! On the tail , There is no redundant design on maiteng's trunk , From top to bottom, it is a straight up and down effect , The tail lights on both sides also become more calm , Yes, of course , The bright spot on the tail lamp is the effect after lighting, showing different shape changes ! The whole rear surround has a slightly embedded design , The exhaust is still a square exhaust with bilateral single outlet . In fact, there are obvious differences compared with Passat , But Xiaobian prefers this design , After all, this is the original German brand .

Inside , This car is really not comparable with Passat , On the whole, I feel that it is mainly business elements , In particular, the central quartz clock and through air outlet look very traditional . But obviously in terms of refinement, this car is better . The seats are equipped with “30” Suede seat with Anniversary Logo , Pay more attention to the support of the two wings of the seat , So in the whole driving posture , The performance of this commemorative edition is more excellent and humanized .

Power on , It makes no difference , As mentioned above , This car is based on 330TSI The luxury version evolved , So this car is also equipped with 2.0T Low power engine , Its maximum power is 137kW, The maximum torque is 320Nm, The transmission system still matches 7 Speed wet dual clutch transmission . The new car has been officially launched ,23.33 All the sale ! What do you think of this special edition !

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