A change of style? 2022 "Lexus lx500" rendering exposure, multi grid option!

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New generation “ Toyota Land tour ” A comprehensive replacement has been completed , The whole design style and interior decoration have changed , It makes people feel like they can't stop ! As its advanced version, Lexus series has also recently ushered in a comprehensive replacement , Although it only exists in the rendering stage , But there is a precedent of rendering pictures of Toyota Land patrol , Basically, it can be determined that this is the future mass production version . New generation LX The series no longer follows in shape “ The Buddha is ” The laws of . A variety of grille shapes are used on the whole front face for the first time , And it is the first time to match different headlamp groups , Better in personalized choice !

Figure 1 is the claimed regular version LX500, In this car, we can still see the so-called traditional spindle grille shape , But the composition inside the grid has completely changed , A more detailed modeling structure is adopted for the first time , Lightning headlights are also quite exquisite , It forms a strong visual contrast with the huge body . And on the side , This kind of LX500 There are many similarities with the new generation of land patrol , Straight wheel arch , Looks more domineering , In the side , This car also cancels the waist line design , such , The integrity of the whole car is better guaranteed !

The second picture is the so-called sports version , The grille and headlights have changed again , We see that the composition of the grid adopts a method similar to “ spider web ” The shape design of , In addition, the interior and front surrounding of the China open are all wrapped in black , It can also show the dynamic side of luck . In addition, the headlights of this car have also changed , That is to change the original lightning shape into the current double-layer vertical shape , But its driving light is placed above the main light source , I can still see the arrow shape . On the tail , The rear parts of both cars are double LED Headlamp light source , The English logo of Lexus is also printed under the tail lamp , This also significantly improves the recognition of this car .

In addition to the appearance upgrade , Great changes have also taken place inside the new car , Become more dreamy , More scientific and technological . The interior is no longer based on solid color , For example, some gold materials are added to the position of the center console , Instantly make the whole interior much younger ! Brand new LCD dashboard , Like a racing car , Even the HUD System , It's also dreamy . The large size of the central control screen in the middle is one aspect , More importantly, a fluid design style is adopted below it , The sense of line has been perfectly displayed , Of course, in terms of specific functions , It also needs to be revealed later .

On the power , The new car may be consistent with the new land tour , That is, it will still carry 3.3 l V6 Turbocharged diesel engines and 3.5 l V6 Twin turbocharged gasoline engine , The maximum power of the former is 225 kw , Peak torque 700 cattle · rice , The latter maximum power 305 kw , Peak torque 650 cattle · rice . Matching these two engines are 10 Speed automatic transmission , At present, the real car has not been exposed , If the future appearance is really the same as the rendering , Then Lexus will have another chance to impact BBA!

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